Monkey Bloopers

[Compiled mostly from messages sent to the Monkey Mailing List]

This page features fans' memories of mistakes / mishaps /blunders /continuity errors etc in "Monkey".
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There have been several bloopers involving costumes and wigs:
  • In several scenes, Monkey's sideburns actually started peeling off to to the point where they were hanging precariously from his face!
  • There was a scene in particular where Tripitaka rides off on the horse at high speed and "her" "priest hat" flaps around in the breeze- underneath you can clearly see "her" dark hair (ie: it was really a stuntman who hadn't bothered to put on a bald wig).
  • Also, in many scenes you could see the actor's real hair under the Pigsy wig.

  • There was one episode where Monkey grew to giant proportions to fight a cowardly dog spirit. The "dog" was dressed in a mangey grey suit which looked like one of those tacky old things that the Koala Foundation fundraisers wear- you could see that the actor was wearing a blue t-shirt underneath because half the buttons on his suit broke when he was fighting!
    ["Such a Nice Monster" (Season 2, Episode 10)]

  • In almost every episode you could see Monkey's white skin begin when the brown makeup had ended.

  • I don't know if you could call it a blooper, but monkey's headband seems to move around a bit too freely for something that is supposed to be so tight that even Monkey can't remove it. :-)

  • When Monkey jabbed someone hard with his staff, it would make a distinct stabbing kinda sound (despite the fact that the staff had blunt, rounded ends :)

  • Is it my imagination, or in one episode does Monkey's make-up change from looking very natural for most of the episode to something quite different for the final scenes?
    ["The Difference Between Night and Day" (Season 1, Episode 11)]

  • In the episode where Tripitaka turns into a vampire with sharp fangs, Tripi is on another crazy raid and gets busted by Monkey, disguised as an old women. Tripitaka freaks and jumps - in night time - flips throught the air - in day time - then lands and runs away - in night time again.
    ["Vampire Master" (Season 1, Episode 19)]

  • Monkey's staff is magic, and made of metal. In the fights, you get that pinging sound when it strikes other weapons. It's not too strange a sound when Monkey's staff is struck by a sword, but I'm wondering if a clang would have been better.

  • A semi blooper, in the first episode - Monkey is having yet another fight, and he jumps on and off a big 'rock'. It wobbles slightly, and you can see clear impressions where his feet were! Heh. Monkey jumps with great force. Not polystyrene, then.
    ["Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven" (Season 1, Episode 1)]

  • 2 questions about 'Catfish, Saint and the Shape-Changer.':
    1) Sandy gets swallowed by the Catfish and Monkey gets swallowed on purpose to rescue his friend. They meet a fairy, who says Pigsy was swallowed two days ago. How do you measure time when you are trapped inside the belly of a fish? The light level doesnt change as Catfish goes from being underwater to indoors. Surely mechanical clocks have not yet been invented in ancient China.
    2 ) Monkey changes himself, Sandy and Pigsy, into 'foreign bodies' to get coughed up and escape. Monkey defeats the catfish. Later on we see the fairy again. So how did she get out ? The dreaded 'back passage' ?
    ["Catfish, Saint, and the Shape Changer" (Season 1, Episode 14)]

  • In the episode "Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil", three bandits approach the village where Monkey and co are staying. We see a model shot of the village and the bandits then clearly say, "Look down there! A model village!"
    Whether this was the actual original line or whether it was put in at the English dubbing stage I can't tell.
    ["Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil" (Season 1, Episode 17)]

  • Why does the Grey Gloves Devil wear black gloves?
    ["Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil" (Season 1, Episode 17)]

  • This is really nerdy but if you look at the dangly bits of Tripitaka's hat in the earliest episodes the tops are a triangle shape and later they are square and the stitching isn't so neat. Around episode 4 to 7 you get both types in the same episode. So glad to have got that off my chest - it's been bothering me!

  • From watching Monkey Swallows The Universe it seems that Masako Natsume only wore a baldness wig when required, as in this episode I can see her hair under Tripitaka's headpiece in some scenes.
    ["Monkey Swallows the Universe" (Season 1, Episode 4)]

  • At the end of the episode, Pigsy apologises for saying Monkey called Tripitaka names that he didn't. Monkey raps him over the head with his staff. He offers Tripitaka a hit but he declines. Monkey spins his staff around and hits himself in the back of the head. The others laugh at him.
    Is that final hit in the head a blooper?
    ["Monkey Meets the Demon Digger" (Season 1, Episode 15)]

  • When Monkey and Pigsy are sitting on a wall, waiting for Yu-Lee to return, Monkey slips and falls off.
    ["Two Little Blessings" (Season 1, Episode 23)]

  • In Monkey Meets the Demon Digger, the Crow Demon has tied up Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka very tightly {hands behind their backs I think} in order to feed them to his crows. They cannot move their arms at all, but in one scene, before Monkey arrives to save them, Pigsy can be seen trying to fight off the crows with a free hand!
    ["Monkey Meets the Demon Digger" (Season 1, Episode 15)]

  • Have you noticed that in the first season of Monkey (I don't know about the second), during indoor scenes the cast's breath is visible because of the temperature? It seems odd that a set should be so cold that this should happen. Perhaps they constructed makeshift sets out in the open in the middle of China?

  • The dubbing in the new episodes is certainly more liberal than previous seasons as in two distinct scenes in "Pigsy learns a leason". Both Pigsy and Horse say "I can't handle this s**t", obviously there was no other word in the English language to convey their frustrations.
    Call it a blooper if you will, I just thought it was classic Monkey, one of the funniest things I have ever heard!!!!!

  • In "The Beginning of Wisdom" the water creature is revealed to be Sandy's father, however Sandy was banished from Heaven to Earth as a Water Spirit -- how can this water spirit be his father?
    ["The Beginning of Wisdom" (Season 1, Episode 7)]

  • I know this will sound really lame but in Episode 7 "The Beginning Of Wisdom" ,when Monkey is fighting the drought monster underwater, when you see the closeup scenes on Monkey, if you look behind him you can see the black lane tiles on the bottom of the swimming pool that they must have filmed it in!
    ["The Beginning of Wisdom" (Season 1, Episode 7)]

  • In one of the newest released episodes in Australia (either on disk 14 or 15) Monkey talks about Tripitaka being a "she" - which in reality she is but for the series, "she" is a male priest. I can't remember exactly which episode it is but it's definitely on an episode of the newest released dvds. You have to be really listening carefully to pick it up....

  • In Season 1, they (very obviously) used two different horses to play Tripitaka's grey horse. In most episodes, the horse has a white mane and tail and quite a bit of pink flesh on its muzzle, but there are a couple of episodes where the horse has a distinctly (darker) grey mane, and also less pink flesh showing on its muzzle. It was the first thing I noticed during those scenes!

  • I'm a little confused. In the ep. "Monkey Goes Wild About Heaven" the little fella clearly graffitis one of the pillars at the end of the universe (later revealed to be Buddha's fingers) and in "The Beginning of Wisdom" he reads the notice demanding a sacrifice but by the episode "Monkey's Yearning" he cannot read or write even his own name!

  • in the first episode Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven, it's said that Monkey knows 72 transformations, BUT in Monkey Meets the Demon Digger he says he knows 108!

  • In the first episode we meet the grandfather of Tripitaka (Sou San). In the last episode the same gentleman is now Tripitaka's father..?

  • Monkey's magic wishing staff is supposd to be so heavy that no one can pick it up - and that's why it was meant to be Monkey's - because he could lift it... but how many people have you seen besides Monkey picking it up?

  • Answer to why Sandy has a father in "The Beginning of Wisdom". He was reincarnated as the son of that water demon. His spirit is still that of the curtain general but in current earthly body he is a water monster. When he falls from heaven and lands in the water it does not make it clear really that he is actually reborn. Same with pigsy. Spirit is the Marshall of the Heavenly Hosts but body is a pig monster. In the book he actually eats his pig mother!
    ["The Beginning of Wisdom" (Season 1, Episode 7)]

  • When the Hog demon turns into his true form and says "You notice I'm mad now, and when I'm mad, I can really get very nasty!" Monkey stands up to his abuse, but also (some might say accidently)pokes the unsuspecting princess' chest! She quickly says "Do you mind?!!" and hits Monkey's hand, Monkey quickly apologises, and Sandy seems to be alarmed at what happened (As well as Monkey!). Even though it's dubbed, I think it's ablooper, and a very funny one at that!
    ["Pigsy, King and God" (Season 1, Episode 21) ]

  • In the episode "The Land with Two Sun", when Pigsy, Sandy and Monkey are imprisoned they use morse code to communicate between cells, surely this hasn't been invented yet?

  • In one episode, a man gallops in on horseback to capture Tripitaka. In the three shots we see him riding three different horses. The first is a brown horse with flaxen mane and tail. The second horse looked similar but with dappling on its belly. The third horse was a totally different colour - Bay (gold-brown with black mane, tail and legs)!!!

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