Dubbing The 13 Unseen Episodes in 2004

The 13 unseen Monkey episodes, that were skipped during the dubbing of Monkey episodes in the late 1970s, have now been dubbed into English finally. Work began in December 2003, and Fabulous Films will release these dubbed episodes on DVD (see the Monkey DVD Boxsets (UK) page) in 2004.

Most of the original dubbing cast and crew have worked on this project (bear in mind that the original people who did the voices of the narrator and Buddha have passed away, so they've been replaced). The dubbing even took place at the same studios, Worldwide Sound, in London and even had the same sound engineer, Clive, on board - so the dubbing could not be more authentic!

During the dubbing process, behind-the-scenes footage was shot, plus interviews took place with the following cast members: David Collings, Maria Warburg, Peter Woodthorpe, Andrew Sachs, Miriam Margolyes. This will be included in the 30-minute behind-the-scenes documentary "Monkey Nuts- The 13 Lost Episodes" to be featured on the Monkey DVD Boxsets (UK) 3, 4, and 5.

George Roubicek worked on the original 39 English adapted scripts written/adapted by David Weir in the late 70s - he was the man who performed rewrites to the English dubbing scripts to help the dialogue fit the characters' mouth movements onscreen. Also, in the original 1970s dubbing of Monkey, the director was Michael Bakewell. For the 2004 redubbing, George was far more involved - he rewrote the English scripts for the 13 unseen episodes that were translated by Daigoro Films Ltd., worked on getting the dialogue to fit the characters' mouth movements, and directed the dubbing.

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