Doing Songs From Monkey On Karaoke In London

While in London with some friends in May 2002, I took them to a Japanese "karaoke box" (i.e. a room you hire with some friends, and you all sing karaoke with your friends, order drinks etc.).

There's hundreds of English songs to choose from, and also lots of Japanese songs.
To get help finding these songs in the book, and also to get help in using the karaoke machine, just ask one of the staff.

The Japanese songs include:
1) Monkey Magic (by Godiego)
- with the English onscreen lyrics
2) Gandhara (by Godiego)
- with the Japanese onscreen lyrics
3) Saraba Koibito (by Masaaki Sakai)
- with the Japanese onscreen lyrics
4) Moshimo Piano Ga... (by Toshiyuki Nishida) - perhaps, I didn't check for this

I really recommend it! Before 6pm, you can get a room for 4 people for just 8 pounds per hour, and it's tremendous fun.

If you want to sing Gandhara or Saraba Koibito, I'd recommend printing these off from the internet and taking them with you (I was prepared!) - here's where to get them:

- Gandhara
English lyrics:
Japanese lyrics:

- Saraba Koibito
Japanese lyrics (there isn't an English version of this song):

Here's the location:
Karaoke Box
18 Frith Street

(the name of the place is in Japanese katakana characters - but you'll find it using the number. There's a Japanese restaurant that you have to walk through to get to it. Don't go downstairs, or you'll end up in a tattoo parlour - like I almost did!)

Telephone: 020-7494-3878

Open 7 days a week.

Nearest underground station: TOTTENHAM COURT RD (after leaving the station, head towards Soho Square, cross it, and Frith Street is directly opposite on the other side of the square, on the top-right corner of the square)

See the itchy london - venue guide: Karaoke Box page for a mini-review, and also see this map to see exactly where it is.

It gets very busy - so it's worth phoning up in advance to reserve a box.

PS There's nothing quite like singing Monkey Magic on karaoke - during the opening intro, you'll get an incredible urge to scream out "Monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyy" (as I did - nearly deafened my friends!)

PPS There's some photos of some people doing "Monkey Magic" on karaoke (you can see some of the karaoke screens) on this web page: Misc. Photos 7. They're doing it in a place called Richmond (in the USA).

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