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Find out how to program songs from the Japanese TV show Monkey as ringtones on your mobile phone!
Click on a song title below for full instructions.

Monkey Magic Chorus [Added: 4 August 2002]

Gandhara [Added: 4 August 2002]

Monkey Magic Verse [Last updated: 4 August 2002]


  • These ringtones can be used ONLY on all late model NOKIA brand mobile phones that have a “Composer” function in the “Tones” menu. The ringtone is programmed into your phone by pressing keys on the telephone keypad. No additional software or hardware is required. I’m not exactly sure, but there may be some utilities on the net for converting Nokia ringtones to other brands, provided the particular model in question has the capability (consult your manual).
  • For each ringtone, on the left is how each note will be displayed on the composer screen. On the right are the keys you have to press to program each corresponding note.
  • Numbers inside brackets such as “(9)” means that you hold down the 9 key until it sounds a second time and a full-stop appears inside the note display (eg. “8.d3”).
  • Remember that a ringtone is only intended as a ring of a telephone, and by design is not intended to be very long. As such, the phones are designed to only have a 50 note memory capacity. That’s why I can’t put the verse and the chorus of “Monkey Magic” into the one program.
  • Any questions or requests, email .

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