Monkey Summaries

[Contributed by members of the Monkey Mailing List]

This page features summaries of episodes of "Monkey". If you would like to submit an episode summary for inclusion in this page, please go to the Monkey Feedback page and send it to me (please let me know the episode's name, so I can list it here).

For a complete list of episodes, see this page.

Season 1

1. Monkey Goes Wild about Heaven

2. Monkey Turns Nursemaid [Added: 29 April 2004]

3. The Great Journey Begins [Added: 29 April 2004]

4. Monkey Swallows the Universe [Added: 29 April 2004]

6. Even Monsters Can Be People [Added: 31 January 2004]

7. The Beginning of Wisdom

8. Pigsy Woos a Widow [Added: 15 December 2003]

9. What Monkey Calls the Dog-Woman

10. Pigsy's in the Well

11. The Difference Between Night and Day

12. Pearls Before Swine

13. The Minx and the Slug

14. Catfish, Saint, and the Shape Changer

15. Monkey Meets the Demon Digger

16. The Most Monstrous Monster

17. Truth and the Grey Gloves Devil

18. Land for the Locusts

19. Vampire Master

20. Outrageous Coincidences

21. Pigsy, King and God

22. Village of the Undead

23. Two Little Blessings

24. The Fires of Jealousy

26. The End of the Way [Added: 3 November 1999]

Season 2

12. Mothers

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