Monkey Books

This page features information about books that are based either on the "Hsi Yu Chi" stories on which the Japanese TV show Monkey was based, or books based specifically on the Monkey TV show itself..

Hsi Yu Chi / Journey To The West / Monkey King Literature [Updated: 7 April 2013] - A detailed list of published English translations of the Hsi Yu Chi (Monkey) story, with details of how / where you can buy them!

Japanese Monkey Book [Added: 18 November 2002] - Details of a Japanese book dedicated to season one of the Monkey TV show. Includes detailed biography of Masako Natsume who played Tripitaka, great stills from the episodes, section all about the demons, pictures and mini-biographies of all the guest stars in each of the 26 episodes, information about the music, episode summaries, music, other TV remakes etc.!

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