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Monkey Media features information about videos, films, music, books, magazines, other tv shows, and games which are related to "Monkey". If you have any additional information about "Monkey", please go to the Monkey Feedback page and send it to me, and I'll add it here.

  • Music [Last updated: 31 August 2017] - All about the music in Monkey, performed by Godiego and Masaaki Sakai. Includes song lyrics, details on how you can play the songs on guitar and your mobile phone, how you can vote in an online appeal for the music score book to be reissued, how to buy Monkey-related CDs from Japan, information and links for Godiego, details of the Monkey soundtrack albums that have been released around the world, plus information about the individual songs such as Monkey Magic and Gandhara, and remixes / remakes of them that have been released, and also where you can sing songs from Monkey on karaoke in London!

  • Books [Last updated: 7 April 2013] - Information about books that are based either on the "Hsi Yu Chi" stories on which the Japanese TV show Monkey was based, or books based specifically on the Monkey TV show itself, with details of how / where you can buy them.

  • Related TV / Films [Last updated: 13 May 2006] - Other TV shows and films which are based on the Hsi Yu Chi (Monkey) story.

  • Videos / DVDs [Last updated: 15 February 2005] - All about Monkey videos and DVDs available in the UK, Monkey videos and DVDs available in Australia and New Zealand. Includes details of publicity, ordering videos and DVDs, previews of the videos, and much more!
    - Monkey: The Complete Series DVD boxset released in the UK at the end of 2004!
    - 5 Monkey DVD boxsets released in the UK in 2004!
    - Order all 13 UK Monkey DVDs online now!

  • Magazines [Last updated: 2 October 2004] - A list of magazines which contained articles about Monkey, and how you can order them.

  • Events [Last updated: 7 February 2004] - Events related to Monkey.

  • Lookalikes [Last updated: 22 January 2004] - Features Monkey fans and others who look like the characters from Monkey.

  • Costumes [Last updated: 8 December 2003] - Contains photos of fans dressed up as the characters from Monkey.
    - Find out how you can hire outfits of characters from Monkey in the UK!

  • Memorabilia [Last updated: 29 September 2003] - Information about Monkey memorabilia!

  • Fan Fiction [Last updated: 28 December 2002] - Fan fiction stories based on Monkey.

  • Gifts [Added: 25 November 2002] - All the various Monkey-related items that can be bought, all in one list! Includes the Monkey soundtrack CD, Monkey videos / DVDs, posters, postcards, t-shirts, books, Masako Natsume photo books, hiring a Monkey costume, books / videos / DVDs of The Water Margin, Monkey games, magazines, DVDs / videos of TV shows / films by the Monkey cast, related TV shows / films, other CDs by Godiego and the Monkey cast members!

  • Games [Added: 11 November 2002] - Features information about various games (drinking games, computer games, internet games, board games, online games, roleplaying games) based on the story and characters of "Monkey", and the original "Journey To The West" / "Hsi Yu Chi" stories.

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