Monkey Events

This page contains information about events related to the Japanese TV show "Monkey". If you know of any Monkey-related events (for example, Monkey conventions, Monkey tribute bands, Monkey shows etc.), please send all the details to me using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll put it here.

Monkey and the Hung Well Monks (NSW, Australia - February 2004) [Added: 7 February 2004] - Live stage production of "Monkey" in Campbelltown, NSW, Australia in February 2004.

Monkey show at Ness Gardens, South Wirral (UK) [Last updated: 6 October 2003] - New adaptation of Monkey, with over fifty performers, great music and impressive battles, ran at Ness Gardens, South Wirral, in the UK between 3 - 5 July 2003!

10th International Cult TV Awards [Added: 22 September 2003] - Monkey is nominated in the "Best Repeat Series 2002 - 2003" category at this year's Cult TV Awards. The Cult TV Festival runs from noon on Friday 10th October and continues through non-stop until noon on Monday 13th October.

Monkey Convention [Added: 8 September 2003] - To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Monkey being screened in the UK, a Monkey convention may take place in the UK in 2004! Give your comments about what you think about this idea on this page.

The Magic Monkeey show at the Edinburgh Festival 2003 [Last updated: 29 July 2003] - Stage version of Monkey, which ran at the Edinburgh Festival 2003 in August 2003 in the UK!

The Tale of Monkey His Magic Journey to the West [Last updated: 13 October 2002] - Live production of Monkey, running between Monday 9 September 2002 and Saturday 28 September 2002, as part of the Brisbane Festival in Australia! Includes reviews of the show.

Monkey: A Tale From China [Last updated: 2 March 2002] - The Young Vic Theatre in London presented this show as their Christmas 2001 production, between November 2001 and January 2002! Then it went on a nationwide tour around the UK! Includes photos from the show!

Monkey and the Hung Well Monks [Last updated: 1 December 2001] - Live stage production spoof / homage of "Monkey" in Perth, Western Australia in October 2001. Includes photos from the show!

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