Monkey Fan Fiction

Monkey Fan Fiction features original stories featuring characters from Monkey.

If you've written some Monkey fan fiction, let me know about it using the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll include it here.

  • Alternative Ending (review) (Adrian Tullberg) - A Monkey / Star Wars crossover adventure.

  • Story from alt.drwho.creative featuring Monkey and Pigsy - a little story that someone's written involving Monkey and Pigsy on alt.drwho.creative.

  • Random Fiction #162 - Monkey - Very short snippet of a Doctor Who - Monkey crossover story.

  • Monkey Magic/Red Dwarf Crossover Fan Fic - Longer story.

  • A Little Monkey! (Adrian Guthrie) - A story from the Xi Yu Ji, or The Journey West adapted by Adrian Guthrie! (see Adrian Guthrie - present activities page - the main page of Adrian Guthrie's web site)
    NOTE: You'll need Acrobat Reader to read this file - you can download it for free from the Adobe Acrobat Reader web page.

  • Spirits of Magic, part 3 and Spirits of Magic, part 4 (Merric Blackman) - These 2 stories feature Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka! If you'd like to read the story from the beginning, go to the [ Home | Stories of Torwynn ] page (but Monkey and co. are only featured in the 2 episodes of the story listed above)

  • Dimensions of the Doctors (Aron Toman) - A crossover adventure featuring Monkey alongside Xena and Doctor Who!

    Fan fiction that's disappeared
    (if you know where any of this can now be found, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page)

  • Monkey ( (Miles Inada & Evan Carroll) - The story of Monkey in a modern-day setting, featuring a Professor Tripitaka!
    [It's actually the rough draft of the script to a 3D computer animated film based on the first chapter of "Journey To The West": Monkey (]

  • Monkey: A Dream Come True? ( (Saiyuuki) - Be warned it's rated PG, so if you're not into the whole 'Tripitaka is really a girl, and her and Monkey have UST' thing you shouldn't read it. But if you can handle that, then I reckon you should go give the author some praise. I thought it was a fun little story, and I'm hoping he'll write a sequel...

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