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This page features information about various games based on the story and characters of "Monkey", and the original "Journey To The West" / "Hsi Yu Chi" stories. If you have any more information about any of these games, or if you know of any others, please go to the Monkey Feedback page and send it to me, and I'll add it here.

Drinking Games

Drinking Game [Added: 21 October 1998] - While watching episodes of Monkey, play this drinking game!

Computer Games


Son Son - Son Son was one of Capcom's first games, starring the Monkey King from the Chinese legend Saiyuki. It's cute, and good fun!
For a laugh, you can play the original SonSon arcade game through emulation on your PC using MAME. You can find information about downloading MAME and the Son Son game from CAESAR - Son Son
Basically, you need to download the Mame emulator and the Son-Son game Rom set. Unzip them all and place the roms in a subdirectory called 'sonson'. Type 'mame sonson' in a dos-box and away you go.
Son-Son is a two player game where player one takes the role of Monkey, and player two adopts Pigsy. You both run along scrolling platforms blasting the baddies that come at you.

China Gate - Download the ROM for the game from CAESAR - China Gate (US). Download the MAME emulator from CAESAR - MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) and enjoy!

Description from Petar (written in August 2002):
"About 10 years back, I remember playing an arcade game, featuring the cast of Monkey. I was wondering if anyone else remembers this arcade game, or could give me any further details on it.
Some features I can remember:
- you could choose between Monkey, Pigsy or Sandy, each looking like their respective animal, and with their trademark weapon.
- the characters were of the super-deformed kind.
- the game was slightly horizontally-scrolling, but mostly vertically.
- you jumped 'up' to the next platform, fighting super-deformed creatures, and then a boss at the end of each stage.
- the end of stage one had a big brown monster with a club, end of stage two was a many-armed Vishnu-type woman, end of stage three was two of the the brown monsters. I think another Vishnu was at the end of Stage Four.
I remember that it was a very fun game, based on Monkey.

Description from someone else:
"At the end, you have to kill this big buddha looking thing. Its brain comes out in the end and you have to beat that also. It spat green goo to defend itself. Quite sacriligious."


Monkey - The PC Computer Game [Added: 22 August 2000] - A Monkey game for the PC by John O'Laughlin!

Monkey Hero - This game came out on the PC around April 1998. Looks like an arcade-adventure type game, 3D overhead graphics, cartoonish style, very colourful. Monkey's shown fighting dragons with his staff, pushing a wooden crate (!) and looking scared by some ghosts... he also has big round eyes! Bizarrely, there appears to be a peach rating at the top of the screen.
You'll find a review of this game plus a FAQ / walkthrough on the Monkey Hero for PlayStation at GameSpot page.
To see lots of screenshots from this game, go to the Monkey Hero Screens for PlayStation at GameSpot page (then click on Next).

Monkey King - The Legend of Sun Wu-Kung - No details at present.
[Contact me via the Monkey Feedback page if you have more info.]

Western Adventure - A "Golden-Axe style" game, where you have the choice of being either Monkey, Pigsy or Sandy. Those who have read the book (Hsi Yu Chi) will recognise a lot of the monsters in the game as certain demons. And oh yes, it's entirely in Chinese, but you don't have to know any Chinese to be able to play it.

Wukung - sort of a cartoon platform version of Monkey, but the characters all go by different names. Was still available (in Australia) in 1997.

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SonGoku - It's Monkey a la Monsterboy in Wonderland.
[Thanks to Matthew Tolley for this information]

PC-Engine (Japanese console, competitor to the SNES/Megadrive) - known as Turbo-Graphics / TurboGrfx16 in the USA

Son Son 2 - Capcom's second game, a sequel to their "Son Son" arcade game, imaginatively called 'Son Son 2'. You can download the game and the emulator from the ClassicGaming web site. Running it is similar to the description for "Son Son" in the Arcade section.
This is a one-player game where you guide Monkey around a series of caves, woods and buildings searching for the mystery demon who kidnapped Pigsy, Sandy and Tripitaka. It's a great game, and despite some Japanese text you can still play it without any problems. Great fun!
You can see screenshots on the Turbografx-16 - PC Engine: Son Son 2 page.
You can also get the emulator from The MagicEngine Homepage.
[Contact me via the Monkey Feedback page if you know where the PC-Engine ROM for Son Son 2 can be downloaded from.]

Commodore 64

Monkey Magic - The C64 Computer Game [Last updated: 29 September 1997] - Information about this classic Commodore 64 computer game. Features screenshots, a copy of the game for you to download to play on a C64 emulator, and various cheats for it.

Commodore 16

Monkey Magic - The C16 Computer Game [Last updated: 26 May 1998] - Check out this Commodore 16 game based (loosely) on Monkey!

Sony PlayStation

Japanese Play Station game 'Monkey Magic' - Preview of this new game, due to be released in Japan on 13 July 2000. I'm guessing that this game is based on the 'Monkey Magic' cartoon, but I may be wrong.
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Japanese Play Station game 'Saiyuki' - Main theme 'Magic Goku' is composed & sung by Yukihide Takekawa (from Godiego)!! (Same as Monkey Magic). Goku is Japanese name of Monkey (not TV title but Monkey himself).
You'll find a review of this game on the PlayStation: Saiyuki: Journey West page.
A small snippet of information about this game:
"This game is in Japanese but it's still funny hearing them talk and when Tripitaka uses the sutra on Monkey"

Monkey Hero - As described in the PC section earlier. This games was developed by a company called Blam! in San Francisco. Some information from a guy telling me about this game before it was completed:
"developed by a company called Blam! in San Francisco. It is not based on the TV show, but on some of the original legends. The people designing it have never seen the TV show. It is being developed primarily with a Japanese audience in mind, as success in this market ensures world wide success. That's all I know."
It appears that this Blam! game might be called "Monkey Hero". You'll find a review and screenshots from it on this page:
You'll find a complete walkthrough for it here:

Pocket Fighter - It has a mix of street fighter and other fighting characters "cuteified". At the top of the screen:
Monkey flies on his cloud looking a bit like a monkey with his staff,
Pigsy flies on a clowd and looks like a pig he has his muck rake,
Sandy flies past he looks like a green monster with his weapon and
Tripitaka and the horse are on a little cloud flying past. U get special things off them is you hit them!
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Monkey Adventure - "It's a good game but it does not follow on from the story."
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MonkeyStory - "This game is a typical 2d side scroller..kinda reminds me of Wonderboy on the C64."
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Magic Beast Warriors - A 2D fighting game based on Monkey. You can find the cover picture here. It looks incredible. It's only available in Japan, but you could get it from a game importer.
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Getting Japanese Sony PlayStation games
You can get Japanese Playstation games from any local game importer, if they don't have it in stock they should be able to order it. Try these:
Your best bet is Project K, based in the UK:
PROJECT K ONLINE USA /JAPANESE Console Games and Merchandise.


Xi You Ji 2000 - On the web site, there used to be a MUD (Multi-User Dungeon) game, more specifically possibly a Diku MUD, based on Journey To The West. So, I imagine that the setting for the game will be as in Monkey, and you'll get to play a character from Monkey. I noticed that one of the commands is 'fly', so I guess that if you're Monkey, you'll be able to fly around on your cloud in the game :)
I'd love to play this, but unfortunately it's in Chinese. I wonder if there's an English version of it around somewhere....
So if you understand Chinese, give it a go, and let us know what it's like.
[Contact me via the Monkey Feedback page if you have more info on where this game has moved to.]

'Journey To The West' MUD, in Chinese - Similarly, on the web site, there used to be a 'Journey To The West' MUD, in Chinese.
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Board games

Unknown - Apparently, a Monkey board game was produced in the UK. For more information, see the Monkey Memorabilia page.

The Phoenix and the Peacock - I don't really understand this game, but if you look at the George plays move 7 -- Fool's Journey in position 4, you'll find a mention of the characters in Monkey (referred to as "Journey To The West").
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Monkey Magic - In a role-playing convention in Melbourne in the late 1990s, they played a Monkey Magic role-playing game. Here's all the information that was listed for it:
Monkey Magic
A four player single session Chaosium-type-system scenario by Elizabeth Drake and Damien Moore.
"In the worlds before Monkey, primal chaos reigned. Heaven sought order,
but the phoenix can fly only when its feathers are grown. The four worlds formed
again and yet again, as endless eons wheeled and passed. Time, the pure
essence of nature, the power of the earth, the forces of the sun and the
moon all worked
upon a certain rock, old as creation. And it became magically fertile.
That first egg was named "Thought". Tathagata Buddha, the father Buddha,
said 'Without thoughts, we make the world'.
Elemental forces caused the egg to hatch. From it sprang a stone monkey.
The nature of Monkey was ... irrepressible!"

A single session, tongue-in-cheek, Chaosium-type-system for 4 players. Anyone with any questions about Monkey Magic should call Damien on (03) 98881722.
Seriousness: 1
Characterisation: 3
Rules Knowledge:1
Adult Content: PG
Silly Voices: 4
The URL where I found this info no longer exists. If you know where I can get more info on this role-playing game, perhaps in a book (?), please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page.


I recognise the kanji characters for "Saiyuki" on this page, but I cannot understand the Japanese. If anyone can translate it, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page.

Unknown - Here's a description of a Monkey arcade game. If you recognise this game, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page.
"Has anyone ever seen this game? It musta been about 10 years ago, but they had it at the corner store near me. Here's the details that I can remember:
- the title screen was in Japanese, so I don't know if it was 'officially' called Monkey Magic.
- You could choose between Monkey, Sandy or Pigsy. The characters were in the super-deformed style, and each had their own weapons, IDENTICAL to the TV show.
- The stages in the game were vertically scrolling, similar to Snow Bros or Bubble Bobble, but higher.
- You fight groups of demons, and at the end of each stage you fight a boss, which could be a larger demon, or a Hindu God-lookalike.
That's all I can remember......does anyone else know anything about this game?

Unknown - Someone sent me a description of this Monkey game. If you recognise this game, please let me know using the Monkey Feedback page.
"i love your site, but there is one monkey magic computer game missing. This one is more advanced then the Commodore 16 and Commodore 64 games on your site, and i played it years ago while on holiday. It was on arcade, probably about as technologically advanced as an 8 bit system.
I have searched long and hard for this game and if you could help me find it that would be too cool (and you would love the game 2).
It is a platform where you can play monkey pigsy or sandy and when you die you float back on to the screen on a cloud.

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