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Monkey Info features trivia, episode summaries, fans' memories, and quotes from "Monkey". It also includes details of when / where it's currently being broadcast around the world, and links to related web sites. If you have any additional information about Monkey, please go to the Monkey Feedback page and send it to me, and I'll add it here.

  • People [Last updated: 15 September 2020] - Contains interviews and biographical information about people involved in the making of Monkey. Includes details of fans' meetings with these people, photo galleries, plus their autographs.

  • Episodes [Last updated: 5 February 2018] - Contains information about episodes of Monkey. Includes the original scripts used for the 39 English-dubbed episodes of Monkey, details of the 13 undubbed Monkey episodes never seen outside Japan, episode synopses, summaries and Buddhist interpretations, bloopers / continuity errors / mistakes, narrator quotes, other quotes, fans' memories, and episode ratings.

  • TV Guide [Last updated: 5 February 2006] - which channels around the world are currently showing Monkey?

  • Facts [Last updated: 15 January 2005] - Contains factual information about Monkey. Includes trivia, plus the excellent Monkey Multiverse Article.

  • Links [Last updated: 01 December 2003] - Links to other Monkey-related web sites.

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