Monkey People

Monkey People contains various information relating to the people involved in the making of Monkey.

  • Cast [Last updated: 15 September 2020] - Biographical information about the main cast members of Monkey.

  • Interviews [Last updated: 8 February 2005] - Lists possible interview questions, and actual interviews by cast members and crew involved in Monkey.

  • Dubbing [Last updated: 30 September 2004] - Dedicated to the unforgettable cheesy English dubbing found in Monkey - includes the names of some of the actors who did the voices, plus photos and contact information. Includes full information about 2004 dubbing of the 13 unseen Monkey episodes.

  • Meetings [Last updated: 23 September 2004] - Describes meetings between Monkey fans and the cast of Monkey.

  • Autographs [Last updated: 10 November 2003] - Autographs of the cast of Monkey. Contains autographs by Masaaki Sakai (Monkey), Toshiyuki Nishida (Pigsy), Shunji Fujimura (Horse / Yu-Lung) and Masako Natsume (Tripitaka)!

  • Photos [Last updated: 11 January 2003] - Photo galleries of the main cast members of Monkey.

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