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This page features information about the music by the Japanese band Godiego which was featured in "Monkey". If you have any additional information about the music in "Monkey", please go to the Monkey Feedback page and send it to me, and I'll add it here.

Individual Songs [Last updated: 31 August 2017] - details of individual songs from Monkey, in particular Monkey Magic, Gandhara, Holy and Bright, and details of their release, remixes, cover versions, alternative versions etc. around the world!

Lyrics [Last updated: 8 February 2005] - Contains the words to all the songs in Monkey, including the words to the Japanese versions of Gandhara and Holy and Bright, plus the songs sung by Masaaki Sakai, Monkey himself (with English translations)!

How To Play [Last updated: 1 November 2004] - Details of how to play songs from Monkey, on guitar, on your mobile phone etc.! Includes details of the book published in Japan containing the sheet music for all Godiego's songs featured in Monkey season one, how you can vote in an online appeal to help get this score book reissued, and also where you can sing songs from Monkey on karaoke in London!

Buying CDs From Japan [Last updated: 7 June 2000] - Gives details on how you can order Monkey-related CDs, including the Monkey soundtrack CD!

Godiego [Last updated: 7 June 2000] - Details of Godiego, the Japanese band who played all the music in Monkey. Includes details of their reunion in 1999, their UK releases, and links to lots of Godiego-related web sites!

Soundtrack Albums [Last updated: 12 August 1999] - Details of albums / CDs released around the world (UK, Australia and Japan) featuring songs from Monkey.

Lots of music from Monkey may be downloaded from the Monkey Sounds page.

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