Monkey Costumes

This page contains photos of fans dressed up as the characters from Monkey.
If you've ever dressed up as any of the characters from Monkey, please tell me about it, email your photos to me via the Monkey Feedback page, and I'll put them here.

Andrew Stedman [Added: 8 December 2003] - Photos of Monkey fan Andrew Stedman and friends.

Monkey Goes Wild About Football [Last updated: 10 June 2003] - All 4 Monkey characters appeared at a UK football match between Millwall and Sheffield Wednesday on Saturday 22 March 2003 - includes photos!

Natalie Bottle [Added: 27 April 2003] - Photos of Monkey fan Natalie Bottle. Includes information on how Natalie made the costume!

For Hire In The UK [Updated: 10 February 2003] - Find out how you can hire outfits of characters from Monkey in the UK!

David Fox [Added: 2 November 2002] - Photos of Australian Monkey fan David Fox and friends.

Monkey Goes Wild About London [Added: 1 May 2002] - Photos of a guy dressed as Monkey, roaming around London as publicity for the UK Monkey DVDs!

Andrew Iann [Added: 24 May 2000] - Photos of Andrew Iann and co.

Recovery Magazine [Added: 14 June 1999] - Photos from Australia's Recovery magazine in early 1999.

Paul McMonnies (New Years Eve '98 in Rhyl) [Added: 9 February 1999] - Photos of Paul McMonnies and his friends.

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