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This page features a list of magazines which have featured articles about "Monkey", with details of how you can buy them. If you know of any other magazines anywhere in the world that have featured articles on "Monkey", and it is possible to purchase back issues, please send all the details to me using the Monkey Feedback page.

The following magazines have featured articles on "Monkey". Instructions on how to purchase these back issues are included.

Black and White [Last updated: 2 October 2004] - The August 2004 issue (issue #74) of Australia-based Black and White magazine (which is predominantly an art photography magazine) featured an article about Monkey.

The Big Issue In The North [Last updated: 2 October 2004] - The 2 February 2002 issue of the UK-based The Big Issue In The North magazine was a special Monkey issue!
No longer on sale, but you can now view scans of the whole Monkey special here!

The Australian Women's Weekly [Added: 5 June 2004] - The 22 July 1981 issue of The Australian Women's Weekly magazine featured a 2 page article about Monkey.

Loaded [Added: 6 December 1999] - The January 2000 issue of the UK-based Loaded magazine had a limited edition cover featuring Monkey.

Recovery Magazine [Added: 14 June 1999] - In early 1999 this Australian magazine featured photos of Monkey fans dressed as characters from the show.

Oriental Cinema [Last updated: 21 March 1998] - An issue of this superb magazine featured detailed articles about "Monkey" and other tv shows, films and stage shows based on the same Monkey King story.

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